This is what we do

The African Albino Foundation collects as many bottles of sun lotion with a high protective factor as possible in the Netherlands. We receive bottles from suppliers, donors, businesses or schools but also buy in ourselves.

In various African countries the foundation has contact persons with whom an intensive contact is maintained. In this way we also work together with Albino Associations. These national organisations provide information for albinos through, among other things, ‘albino awareness days’ and they also distribute our bottles of sun lotion in  Africa.

In the Netherlands the bottles are divided up over diverse projects and shipments are sent to Africa a couple of times a year. For this the foundation also works with other organisations that have reliable transport links to Africa.

On arrival the local contact person takes over the resources for distribution to all the registered albinos. They are all very involved and trustworthy. Over the past years volunteers have travelled to Africa and seen for themselves that these contact persons have the means, knowledge and connections to be able to reach as many albinos as possible and to provide them with good information.

You can rest assured that every bottle reaches an albino in Africa!