The African Albino Foundation together with approximately 40 (unpaid) volunteers is committed to helping albinos in Africa. The foundation has an organisational structure with a board of three-members, three primary processes and three supportive processes.

Each process has a process owner under who about 30 volunteers work. See here the SAA-team.

The board consists of the chairman, Julia Klapwijk, treasurer, Eline van Lummel and secretary Catelijn Katz. The board does not receive any remuneration for their activities while in function.

Julia Klapwijk – Chairman

My name is Julia Klapwijk and since 2016 I’m active within the African Albinism Foundation, first as secretary and since 2019 as president.
During an internship in Tanzania, I got introduced to several people with albinism and their families. After having seen the profound sun damage to their skin and having heard the difficulties of their life, I have been even more motivated to commit to the Foundation.
I like the practical approach of the Foundation; By collecting and transporting sun cream to Africa, people with albinism can protect themselves from the sun. As a result they can participate in social activities outside and have an increased quality of life.
Besides my work as a doctor, I am dedicated to attribute to the awareness of albinism in Africa with the additional challenges and to support this vulnerable group of people.
In the future, I would like to work a period in Africa as a doctor (of International Healthcare and Tropical Medicine).

Eline van Lummel – Treasurer

My name is Eline van Lummel and I have been involved with the African Albinism Foundation since mid-2018 and I became treasurer in October 2018. Besides working as a doctor, I like to invest time into helping others. Despite not having a direct connection with people with albinism I was directly inspired by the vision of the foundation. It is incredibly fun and motivating to work together with all volunteers for the same purpose: providing sunscreen for people with albinism. By doing this, we hope to improve their quality of life by enabling them to take part in the outside life without getting sunburned.

Catelijn Katz – Secretary
I am Catelijn Katz and since the beginning of 2019 secretary of the African Albinism Foundation. I am fully committed to the African Albininism Foundation because I want to give something back to people with albinism. Our son has albinism. We experience that it is very well organized in the Netherlands, in terms of education, care and acceptance. Our son goes to regular education, practises judo and is busy getting his swimming diploma B. Of course he runs into boundaries and everything is a bit more complicated for him than for his sisters. He does not particularly like the fact that he needs to put on sunscreen very regularly. But we are able to buy sunscreen for him, wherever and whenever we want. That is different in other parts of the world. Certainly in Africa. That is why the African Albinism Foundation appeals to me. To provide practical help to people without pigmentation in a very sunny part of the world. With my experience as a manager in business operations, consultant for complex organizational issues and my private situation, I think I can add value for this beautiful foundation. I am therefore happy that I can contribute to this great goal.