Albinism in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Number of people with albinism we support: 200
UV-protective materials dispatched in 2015: no UV-protective materials were dispatched in 2015

Active since: 2009


Distribution and educative information
The transport of the sun lotion takes place by ship via South Africa or Mozambique and arrives in Chitungwiza by train or truck via Harare. The Child Development Manager of the Foundation IMBA and various Rotarians take care of the local distribution of the sun lotion, they also give the educative information and organise storage. As well as all this the albinos meet twice a month. Once a month they can even get a free eye test at an opticians in Harare, and choose suitable spectacles

Collaboration with Foundation IMBA

The African Albinism Foundation was approached by the Foundation IMBA, that works for underprivileged children and their environment in the township of Chitungwiza with its 1,5 million inhabitants and Seke Rural. The people behind this Foundation had, during their work in Zimbabwe, had contact with people with albinism, and been deeply touched by their situation. One of the founders of the organisation came as member of the Rotary Club of Chitungwiza, in contact with people with albinism.