Albinism in Uganda

Country: Uganda
Number of people with albinism we support: 150
UV-protectice materials dispatched in 2015: no UV-protective-materials were dispatched in 2015. Transports from 2014 arrived in Uganda.

Active since: 2007

Distribution and educative information

The transport of the sun lotion to Uganda goest via carefully planned logistic routes. The African Albinism Foundation sent the sun lotion to Kampala where doctor Josseus Nayebare picks the bottles up. Local contact persons take care of the further distribution and educative information.

In 2008 the African Albinism Foundation was asked for a financial contribution to start up an Albino Association in Uganda. In 2009 Joshua Kabugute and Josseous Nayebare set up the African Albino Foundation Uganda (AAFU), one of the partners of the African Albinism Foundation.

Help from doctors

Doctors Joshua Kabugute and Josseus Nayebare are involved in the care of people with albinism in Kampala and the surrounding area. Specially for these people they hold a monthly surgery and provide health care in a skin clinic in the city. At this skin clinic, the Pearl Institute of Cosmetics & Design, people with albinism are registered and informative gatherings take place.. The doctors also visit neighbourhoods in the city to find people with albinism with skin problems so that they can treat them too. In the mean time the number of registered people with albinism has grown to 150.