Albinism in Togo

Afrika-kaart_TogoCountry: Togo

Number of people with albinism we support: 1500

UV-protective materials dispatched:
in 2016 14 litre sunscreen
Plus suncaps, sunglasses, UV protective clothing, lipstick

Active since: 2016

In August 2017, the local production of the ANAT SUNCARE sunscreen has started. Together with the chemical company Croda, a sunscreen cream has been developed that is easy to make by yourself and also has a high protection factor.

The sunscreen is produced in collaboration with the local organization for people with albinism in Togo called ANAT (Association Nationale des Albinos du Togo). The members of ANAT have attended several training sessions to learn how to prepare the cream, and now a weekly sunscreen is produced in Lomé, the capital of Togo.

In addition, ANAT also organizes awareness and prevention tours throughout Togo to educate people with and without albinism and to provide them with sunglasses and ANAT SUNCARE.

Here is a video that shows how ANAT SUNCARE is made and gives a look during awareness and prevention tours: