Albinism in Mali

Country: Mali
Number of albinos: 300
UV-protective materials dispatched in 2015: 0 litres sun lotion (own production)

Active since: 2005

Local production in Mali

The production of sun lotion in an African country is important because then the albinos are no longer dependant on donions to protect their skin. The African Albino Foundation together with the Albino Associatie SIAM (L’Association Solidarité pour l’insertion des Albinos du Mali) offers help for the realisation of  local production of sun lotion in Mali. The production takes place in a laboratory at the Dermatological Instituut Marchoux in Bamako, which deals with albinism and skin cancer.

Production process in 2015

Since 2010 local production has existed in Mali. In 2015 there was still an adequate stock of the products needed to produce sun block independently. However production did not quite achieve the expected targets. Extra supervision has been instituted to ensure that the activities will be continued as desired.