Albinism in Malawi

Country: Malawi
Number of people with albinism we support: 1007
UV-protective materials dispatched in 2015: 270 litres sun lotion + 24 T-shirts + 11 umbrellas + 30 sun glasses + 28 sun caps + 25 pieces of UV-protective clothing
Active since: 2005

Malawi is the country where it all began. For nurse Joyce Mussa, who herself is an albino, a new world opened up in 2002 when she received sun lotion from two students, Nienke Sonneveld (the former chair of the African Albinism Foundation) and Kirsten de Boer. She hardly got burnt at all, her skin was less painful and cleared right up. The idea of starting the African Albinism Foundation came about through this woman.

Distribution and en educative information
Shipping to Malawi is organised via the Harrie van den Brekel stichting in Hoensbroek. This foundation sends a container of goods for education and health to Malawi twice a year. Our boxes with sun lotion can go with these containers. In Malawi the African Albinism Foundation has three contact persons whom take care of the local distribution of the resources: nurse Joyce Mussa in Mangochi, the clinical officers (ward doctors) Levie Mwale (Blantyre) and Jimmy Lilongwe. Since 2006 the distribution and educative information is done from these two hospitals. The two clinical officers are both specially trained in dermatology and can also treat skin abnormalities and cancer in the skin clinics where they work. As a public health nurse and from personal experience (she is someone with albinism herself) Joyce Mussa is an expert in providing educative information. If necessary she refers the albinos that she treats to the skin clinics.