Albinism in Kenya

Country: Kenya

Number of people with albinism we support : 750 supported by us, in total over 3000 officially registered, but estimate of the total range is from 5000 to more than 15000.

UV-protective materials dispatched :
in 2015 : 675 liter suncreme,
in 2016 : 75 liter,
in 2017 : 880 liter (805 liter has just been delivered in May 2018 because it has been partially lost)
in 2018 : During a visit suncreme (about 11 liters), lip balm, caps, UV protective clothing were distributed.

Active since: 2008

In Kenya we work together with several partners throughout the whole country. The suncreme is however normally first sent to Mombassa where it is received and distributed by the Albinism Care Foundation (ACF). The biggest beneficiaries besides ACF are Kwale Eye (eye hospital, which is responsible for redistributing it to several small self help groups.) and Likoni School for the Blind which also redistributes it to Thika High School for the Blind. In the Kenyan Coastal Area there is a good cooperation between these receiving partners.

If there is enough sunscreen, we will forward parts of it to other organizations in Kenya. Besides the groups in the Mombassa region, we have a partnership with KACSU, a childrens project in Eldoret, Albinism Society of Kenya (ASK), Albinism Foundation for East Africa (AFEA) and Dr. Choksey’s Albinism Foundation, all located in Nairobi.

For all existing partner organizations we have an oversight role and we are involved in problem solving and the implementation of awareness programs and other campaigns. Once a year Carla Sonder and Hermien Roddenhof visit the Mombassa region and they are in close contact with our country coordinator and the people of ACF, Kwale Eye and Likoni School for the Blind. Samuel Mumbi Wachira is supporting us in Nairobi.