Albinism in Ivory Coast

Plaatje_IvoorkustLand: Ivory Coast

Number of people with albinism we support: 200

UV-protective materials dispatched in 2015: 160 litres sun lotion + 50 caps + 50 pairs of sun glasses with UV-filter + 3 articles op UV-protective clothing

Active since: 2015

Cooperation with Rotary Leeuwarden-zuid

Rotary Leeuwarden-zuid has played an important part in enabling local production of sun lotion in the Ivory Coast. They have provided the African Albinism Foundation with the capital needed to start up this project. With this money the project has been set up and the first colleagues are already trained and at work.

Cooperation with BEDACI

The African Albinism Foundation has made contact with the organisation BEDACI. BEDACI provides information and education and establishes contacts with (large) companies for donations with which eye testing and other meetings can be organised.

As a foundation we are working together with BEDACI to help albinos in the Ivory Coast.

Trial shipments in 2015

In 2015 research into transport lines to the Ivory Coast and local production commenced. In 2015 UV-protective material was sent to Yamoussoukro, Dalao and Abidjan in trial shipments.