Albinism in Burkina Faso

Country: Burkina Faso
Number of people with albinism we support: 501
UV-protective materials dispatched in 2015: 90 litres sun lotion + 59 caps + 60 sunglasses + 7 t-shirts + 3 pants + 20 lip balm

Active since: 2006

The shipments of sun lotion take place with the help of the local contact person Hervé Millet from the Association for Small African Projects (ASAP, . Since March 2012 the foundation also works together with ABIPA. an organisation that has existed since 1999 and now has 500 members, of which two thirds are children. In June 2012 .they received their first sun lotion via the ASAP.

Distribution and educative information
Depending on the trips of the ASAP about three or four shipments per year take place. TheUV protective materials are sent by air so the albinos in Burkina Faso can have the resources soon after arrival. Together with the ASAP worker Dé Millogo Hervé Millet organises meetings to distribute the sun lotion and provide educative information. The sun lotion was a great success immediately according to Hervé: ‘All the people with albinism who use the lotion were really pleased with it. After two weeks everyone was able to see the difference in their skin.’