In the press

This last year the African Albinism Foundation has received a lot of media attention in the Dutch press as well as in the international press. We are very pleased about this as it is the best way of increasing awareness concerning our organisation so that we can inform more people about the problems of people with albinism in Africa.

May        – The albino who confronted a witchdoctor (BBC)
May        – Albinism in Malawi : Living in fear (Aljazeera)
May        – Malawi’s albinos at risk of  ‘total extinction’, U.N. warns (CNN)
March    – ‘We Are Being Hunted Like Animals:’ Malawi’s Albino People Are Threatened By                    Human Poachers (Think Progress)

October   – Tanzania: children with albinism receive new limbs after vicious witchcraft attacks – in pictures (the Guardian)
august   – Two boys attacked for being albino given new prosthetic limbs–video (the Guardian)
May        – Albinism in Tanzania: slow progress in combatting violence and discrimination (the Guardian)
May        – Albinism in Tanzania: safe havens in schools and support centres-in pictures (the Guardian)
March     – White Shadow review – a brutal, honest portrayal of Tanzanian albinism (the Guardian)
March     – Tanzania police arrest 32 witch-doctors over ritual albino killings (the Guardian)
February – Kidnapped Tanzanian albino boy found dead with limbs hacked off (the Guardian)
January   – Tanzania bans witchdoctors in attempt to end albino killings (the Guardian)